Things That Matter Workshop

Objects tell our stories. They reveal how people choose to live, learn and work together, and how we relate to nature. These workshops are an indispensable step in any serious D&I journey. Together we will look at objects that help us look into the mirror and, beyond that, into a more inclusive, diverse and sustainable future.

In conversations about sensitive topics and histories, words often fall short. Handling objects is a proven method to make people feel more at ease, creating a safer atmosphere to engage in valuable conversations. In this workshop you will experience how objects can help to mitigate difficult moments in conversations. You will also learn to see and tell big stories behind simple objects; stories about societal change, inclusion and diversity.

Our trainers know how to create a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. Our trainers represent cultural-, body- and neuro-diversity.

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Target audience
For any class, group or team interested in exploring sensitive topics and histories through objects; this includes colonial history, gender, sexual health, inequality, (hidden) disabilities, racism, climate, cultural diversity etc.

Group size
Max. 30 participants per trainer.

1 hour - 3 dayparts

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that talk

Without things we humans would be lost for words. We need them to tell our stories.

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