Storytelling Workshop

Good storytellers are scarce. But we need them more than ever. Through the handling of objects (from 1000 BCE to today), this workshop will teach participants how to use objects in telling stories that people won't forget. You will be made more aware of how objects reflect human experience. Also, you will learn to translate factual knowledge into captivating stories.

Humans told stories before the coming into being of written text. And, although the written text has reached a not easy to surpass status within our society, it is still the art of storytelling that will catch the attention of an audience. Engaging with the material world creates stronger stories, because it will speak to the sensory imagination of listeners. This is what we will train in this workshop, establishing a basis and the confidence to tell stories that matter, and incorporating the senses that come to us from the material world.

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Target audience
Students (age minimum 10), and anyone interested in learning to tell valuable stories with high impact.

Group size
Max. 30 participants per trainer

1 hour - 3 dayparts

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that talk

Without things we humans would be lost for words. We need them to tell our stories.

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