Falcon in Decameron

Falcon in Decameron

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Falcon on folio De Premierfait’s Decameron, 1414

Folio 211v of the first French translation of the Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio. The translator was Laurent de Premierfait and the copyist Guillebert de Metz. The translation was made between 1411 and 1414 and was dedicated to the Duke of Berry. De Premierfait translated from the Latin translation by Franciscan Antonio Neri d'Arezzo, not from the original Italian edition.


  • Federigo degli Alberighi and his Falcon

    story by Lili Fischer

    In this novella the main character, Federigo degli Alberighi, has a falcon. It is his most valuable possession. The novella of Federigo and his falcon is told on the fifth day of Bocaccio’s ten-piece frame story Decameron. The narrator of that day is Fiammetta and her theme is: lovers that overcome all obstacles and live happily ever after. So what could have been the role of a falcon in the search of our main character trying to find love? Before we delve into the plot and the role of the falcon, we start off with a few lines from the original text...

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