Falcon in Decameron

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Federigo is very pleased to have lunch with her. However, he is still a poor man. To pay tribute to Giovanna, he wants to make a perfect meal, and hence decides that his beautiful falcon would be a dignified piece of meat to serve, even though this is the only thing he loves that still remains.

After the falcon is plucked, roasted and served on the table, Giovanna needs to reveal the truth of her visit, so she asks Federigo if he would like to give his falcon as a present to her son in the hope that he will recover. Federigo, who is slightly indignant about the wish, explains to her that it was the falcon that made for a worthy lunch meal. He explains that he is not a prosperous man anymore and thus the falcon was the only thing left to cook. Giovanna reprimands Federigo for the sacrifice of his falcon for someone like her, but she also admires him secretly for this courtesy. She is still left empty-handed at her son’s bed, who dies a few days later.