Tărtărian tablets

Tărtărian tablets

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Three small clay objects (ca. 5 cm.), two rectangular and one circular which are inscribed with various signs and depictions.

Two are pierced with a small, round hole and their surface is subdivided by means of vertical and horizontal lines. the tablets have been politicized by those who are eager to see ‘Old Europe’ as the cradle of all civilization. Such distasteful abuse of sources is, however, no reason to ignore them. On the contrary: it makes it all the more important to give them a proper voice in the academic debate.

Object views


  • Writing at 5300 BCE?

    story by Willemijn Waal

    In 1961, an unexpected discovery at the Neolithic site of Tărtăria created a considerable amount of excitement, and subsequently gave rise to a huge controversy. Was this writing?

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