Anniversary Packaging of Canned Nasi Goreng

Label from canned nasi goreng from 1966, made by the Nieuwenhuizen company. The label shows a Javanese servant presenting the dish. In his hand he holds a gong, which is marked with the crossed keys of Leiden, the symbol of the factory. On the side we find instructions on how to prepare the fried rice (nasi goreng) ourselves. Archief 1483 Fabriek van Verduurzaamde Levensmiddelen, v/h L.E. Nieuwenhuizen in Leiden, inv. nr. 13


  • Indonesian Influences on Dutch Cans

    story by Stef van den Boom.

    This label for canned nasi was issued in 1966, in honor of the 100-year anniversary of the Leiden canning factory owned by the Nieuwenhuizen family.

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