Mural on the Mors

Hidden behind the roof of the K.S.R.V. “Njord”, a clear blue, white, and purple mural adorns the wall. Chances are you’ve never spotted it before: you can only see it in its full glory while on a sprinter train that has to halt on the railway bridge in Transvaal, or when looking up while standing on the crossing between the Morsweg and the Doctor Lelylaan. You've probably walked past it many times if you don’t know it’s there.

The piece was made in 2017 when the Zwanennest celebrated its 50-year-anniversary. Several aspects of the oldest rowers’ house in the Netherlands have been incorporated into the mural. Curious as to what these are? This story will take you on a journey through the mural, and will make the mysterious house on the Mors, with its wine-red flag and house weapon, a tad less mysterious…

This story is also available in Nederlands (nl).